OMI Graduate Student Discussion

Grad Student Roundtable Group Photo

On April 2nd at 4:20 PM PST, Alexyss “Lex” Mclellan, Drew Richardson, Meleia Simon-Reynolds, Nirupama Chandrasekhar, and Wyatt Young gathered for a conversation centering around their work with OMI, graduate research in History, and working in the humanities.


If you’re looking to go into graduate school in the humanities, or have thought about it and wondered what it might entail, some of our members can hopefully give you a fresh perspective on what it takes to go through a humanities graduate program.


You can find a recording of the event down below!


Alexyss “Lex” McClellan

PhD student in the History department

OMI Policy Team Leader

Drew Richardson

Portrait of Drew Richardson

PhD Candidate from the History Department

Co-Director of Curricular Development

Currently based in Yokohama

Portrait of Drew Richardson
Portrait of Wyatt Young

Wyatt Young

Portrait of Wyatt Young

PhD student in the History Department

Exhibition and Media Team Lead

Meleia Simon-Reynolds

Portrait of Meleia Simon-Reynolds

PhD student in the history department

Co-director of curricular development

Portrait of Meleia Simon-Reynolds

Nirupama Chandrasekhar

PhD student in the history department at UC Santa Barbara

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